Create your own adventure at – Vänerkajak

Create your own adventure and do something different from your everyday life! Make a break with all routine for some hours or days and lead an outdoor life close to Nature – memorable moments will come as a bonus. Paddling a kayak on Sweden’s biggest lake, Vänern, will be a definite adventure to most of us.

In Värmland

Värmland presents a varied landscape with, in the south, Vänern and its northern archipelago and, in the north, mountains and large forests. In between the two there are agricultural regions with interesting cultural traditions, valleys, wooded hills, lakes and rivers. In all, physical features of the landscape as if it had been created for adventures of every kind!





Hire of kayak

Our kayak hire is situated at Strandvik, in the middle of the northern archipelago of Vänern, where there are a number of protected bays and many islands waiting to be explored. A good place to start your kayak adventure if you wish to try your hand at paddling for a few hours as well as if you plan a long tour lasting for several days.

During the 2009 season we can offer 12 kayaks of different models and also some tents and cooking stoves for hire.

Paddling a kayak

In a kayak you can venture out on largish open waters, you move fast and get far. Our kayaks are solid and easily paddled, also by those who have no former experience. Our tandem kayaks, very solid and reliable, you can bring your family – there is plenty of room for baggage and also a child who is not big enough to paddle itself.

Choosing a kayak

We offer a blend of kayaks suited to different people and wishes. All our kayaks are solid and easy to paddle, both with and without baggage. We help you to reserve a suitable kayak and to be able to do so we wish to know, when you do the booking, a little about you and your friends. For pictures of our kayaks see the Swedish page
Välj Kajak”.


Always book in advance - worse luck we cannot always be on the spot.
Telephone: +4655033077 or +46706038485

Prices and payment

  • Payment is made in cash when fetching the equipment (we don’t accept payment by cards)

  • Payment can also be made in advance to our account: Bank giro: 0570-7384

  • Payment from abroad: Bank: Nordea, Box 53, S-69121 Karlskoga, Sweden,
    IBAN SE86 3000 0000 0312 11805638 SWIFT NDEA SESS

  • Hire for larger groups or longer periods – contact us for offer

  • Prices: see page ”Priser o betalning” in Swedish

With the hire of a kayak there is always included: life-jacket, glass-fibre paddle with safety-line, splash cover and bilge pump (one per party). We give a short introduction to paddling and safety.

Right of Public Access

Do not disturb, do not destroy – that is the basic principle of Sweden’s right of public access. It is not an unrestricted right. Here, you can read about the rules that apply.


 Right of Public Access